How much do you charge?

To provide you with a fair cost quote, I will always have to see and review the documents. Just send me a scan or photo of the documents you require translated and I will provide you with a cost quote. If you require translations of multiple documents, for instance for PR applications, I will provide you with a flat fee for the entire job. In other cases, my rates are based on the word count of the target text (the translation); the total number of words can easily be calculated using the Word Count function of MS Word.

Certification is always included in my fee. I’m also happy to provide you with an extra copy for your files!

How long does it take?

More information on this topic is listed here.

What kind of text formats do you accept?

I prefer MS-Word documents that are sent as electronic files or scans by email. However, I am also prepared to translate from paper print-outs. You may also send me photocopies of your original documents by mail to my business address.

How and in which format will I receive my finished translation?

I can send you the finished translation as electronic file, PDF, or as a paper copy by regular mail, as you prefer.

How can I pay you?

I accept cash, e-Interac payments, and cheques. My European clients occasionally wish to transfer their fees directly to my account, and in these cases I will make the necessary arrangements and provide them with the IBAN and BIC codes. Details on payment conditions are listed here.


On rare occasions and to show my appreciation to regular clients, I will grant discounts for special projects. Please inquire.

Can you recommend any colleagues who translate into other languages?

Please contact me directly.